Customize your own Image

Meher Ullah Khan Raj
3 min readMar 31, 2020
Life is beautiful

I was starting my internship as a Web Developer on February 1, 2017. Luckily I got some co-workers who always helping me in many ways. Since 2017, I learned many things about life, career, networking.

Today I want to discuss a very important topic which is too important for every people and I don’t know about it until one of my colleagues Mehedi Hassan Sisir tells me about it.

This topic comes via a story between us. One day my boss told me and my colleague to work next Friday but we have an issue. We have to attend a programming workshop on the same day. We decide first to attend the workshop, then we go to the office. After complete the workshop, we move to the office. Boss asked me why we are late? I answered I have some tasks to finish. The Boss starts to argue with me and simply he is not happy with me at that time.

Then Mehedi Bhai told me something I don’t know. He says Raj, You have to customize your own image. I said I don’t understand. Then he tells something which is changing my life. “Everybody has own image If someone thinks about you without your presence he saw an image that represents you”. How someone treats you it depends on what kind of image stored on his memory about you.

Now the question is how can I develop a better version of my own image? In 3 years I relate this image thing several times. And when I write a blog for the very first time in Medium about this, then I should share some points to develop a better version of the Own Image from my point of view.

Think twice before you say something:

When you say something to someone no matter what you talking about you have to think about it how they react with it. For example, If I back to the previous point when my boss shows angry with me, He tells me “If I said to my boss, I’m late because I attend a Programming workshop which is very important for my office project and I can implement this thing then my boss’s memory will update my image”. But remember you have to honest, If you don’t it doesn’t work in the long run. “Your image and your honesty are like a coin”.

Don’t say anything which you can’t:

If you can’t it’s not a big deal, If you can’t but you told you can it’s a demotion of your image. For Example, I worked on the same company with the same boss till march 31, 2019. I told my boss before 3 or 4 days ago boss I have a workshop or seminar which is very important for my project so I can’t come office on this day or I will go early on this day, and it really works. And I also started work what I told him before attend the seminars or workshops. After that, he talked about me with my other colleagues. I attend many programming workshops and seminars and I share my experience with my boss and colleagues also till I left the company.


When I think about some people I saw an Image. It’s another way to update your own image. List your favorite persons, think why you like them, what they do with you or with someone? Now find yours.


This is my first blog in Medium, I’m not too good in English, what I share it’s from my point of view. If I mistake something, please send your response. Also, If this blog can be a good impact for anyone it belongs to him.